Integrated Services Community Enterprises is the unique nonprofit community and economic development aspect of Integrated Services for Behavioral Health that works from a home base located in the rising Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, but serves regionally throughout central and southeastern Ohio. We work hard every day to make sure we go way beyond the boundaries of ordinary “bricks and sticks” development by collaborating with local partners who also have an interest in promoting healthy people and building strong communities.

Over the years, we have come to see safe and affordable housing as an integral part of behavioral health and primary care.  So we collaborate broadly with for-profit companies, health systems, government agencies, banks and local community leaders to develop a range of community housing and related assets.  Among the things we help to develop are affordable housing options that include permanent supportive housing, community oriented health care, education and employment, entrepreneurial “start-ups” and other community facilities that help people to keep themselves healthy and communities strong.


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