Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

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doesn't have to be lonely.


Times are changing for all health care providers and especially for behavioral health. The people we serve are increasingly expecting better and more accountable services. Challenges to good health and well-being now require help with a broad range of issues like education, employment, safe and affordable housing and easy access to primary care. Please refer to the Services area elsewhere on this website or use our Here for You search to discover exactly which services are available in your own community. We serve southeastern and central Ohio with a comprehensive array of behavioral health and other services, working with local partners to promote healthy people and strong communities. But all of our services come from a common approach and are intended to be collaborative, community-minded, forward thinking, integrated, local, and person-centered. 

Homeless Resource Guides

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In a world of constant change - especially in the behavioral health realm - the people we serve are expecting and deserve better and more accountable service providers. We are always looking for insightful, creative and compassionate behavioral health professionals to join our team.