Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

Integrated Services is beginning a year-long process of exploring strengths and areas that require improvement related to diversity, culture, and inclusion.  Intended to be different from typical “blame and shame” diversity training that is often a reaction to an identified problem, our process of organizational and personal self-discovery will be more carefully aligned with pioneering work done by the NAACP and Harvard University and will focus on implicit bias.

As the behavioral health provider sector continues to prepare for a future of managed care and for full integration into comprehensive systems of health care, Integrated Services intends to help remind everyone that healthy people living in strong communities will naturally enjoy diversity.

We have a clear history of sustained and strategic investment in the people and communities we serve.  Now, part of that investment will be in our own employees to ensure that, as a service organization and as individuals, we intentionally support and nurture diversity.  Look to this space in 2019 for reports on our progress.

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