The Osage Corral, LLC, provides counseling, social-emotional learning, health, wellness and enrichment programs for children, adolescents, adults and families. We also partner with other therapists, schools, and community organizations to enhance their efforts to achieve client goals. The Osage Corral utilizes the approach known as Equine Assisted Counseling/Learning as well as the pristine natural setting of the facilities to create a unique, intensive experience for those we serve.

Located in Albany, Ohio, The Osage Corral is situated on 200 wooded acres of ponds, trails and wildlife and is home to a herd of gentle, well- socialized horses. These horses, most of whom are rescue horses or retired police/race horses, have found a new life and purpose in their roles as part of the therapy team at The Osage Corral. They each bring their own unique personality and gifts to the therapeutic and learning processes, greatly enriching the lives of the children and families we serve.

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4850 Alton Street, Albany, OH 45710, United States of America


4850 Alton Street

Albany, Ohio 45710

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