Integrated Services for Behavioral Health


The ongoing reality of the COVID-19 infection has changed our service organization and the way we serve people and communities.
As always, we remain here for you throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis and during the time that follows.

As a behavioral healthcare organization, we are among the essential businesses that must navigate COVID-19 risks to provide support for local communities,
\including some of our most vulnerable citizens. The experience of the past several months prepare us to handle unprecedented changes.
We will continue to think of new ways to help people to be healthy while watching out for the safety of ISBH service workers.

Our initial response to the outbreak, the ISBH Health Priority Connection expands phone outreach to be available
12 hours a day, six days a week, to improve access for clients to the services they need, when they need them.
And though we have used telehealth platforms for years, recently reduced restrictions ensure
that our clients can now have greater access to needed services via various technologies.

Our service teams meet continuously to find ways to enhance and improve care and support.
We perform a periodic “Health Priority Check-In” with clients to ensure that they are managing life in this new reality.
We also take care of one another, using a range of remote technologies to stay connected with each other to make sure that we are all holding up.
Self-care is more important than ever.

Though we are adapting new processes and leveraging technology to continue our work, “hats off” to our courageous,
resilient and outstanding team of collaborative helpers. They continue to do their important work, though, like everyone else,
they are adapting to things like homeschooling, caring for loved ones, working expanded hours and learning to navigate client care remotely.
Though we adhere to high standards for safety, like other healthcare workers, ISBH professionals endure
the stresses of working in uncertain conditions, attempting to create an environment of calm and stability.
They deserve our thanks and admiration for a job well done.

With almost daily changes taking place in healthcare during a difficult time, ISBH’s clinical and operations teams have more than risen to the occasion.
We are here for our own clients and for our most vulnerable citizens; people living with anxiety and trauma,
people surviving domestic violence, people with addiction and people struggling with homelessness.

It is a privilege to serve alongside our dedicated staff.  You may continue to count on us.

Kevin Gillespie

If you need help, please call us today at 800-321-8293.