Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

Healthy People.

Strong Communities.

Integrated Services is a community minded, forward-thinking behavioral health organization helping people along the road to health and well-being.

Meeting People
Where They Are.

We often meet people in their home and communities, whenever and wherever that may be, and provide a helping hand along the way to healthy.
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We host events pertaining to a broad range of issues affecting well-being, including education, employment, safe and affordable housing – and easy access to primary care. Find an event near you to learn more.
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Everything we do – from our service philosophy to business planning- is based on cultivating collaborative relationships. We’re always learning and sharing. Read the latest on us here.
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We are always looking for insightful, creative and compassionate behavioral health professionals. Find out more about joining our team here.
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Regular People.

Remarkable Humans.

We are looking for insightful, creative, compassionate behavioral health professionals. In a world of constant change-- especially for behavioral health-- the people we serve are expecting better and more accountable services.In a world of constant change - especially in the behavioral health realm - the people we serve are expecting and deserve better and more accountable service providers. We are always looking for insightful, creative and compassionate behavioral health professionals to join our team.



Behavioral health and general well-being depend greatly on people's habits, lifestyle and sense of community. That's why we always work on things like safe & affordable housing, employment, education and access to primary care.